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Mobile ERP brings benefits to you

Monday, December 8th, 2014 by Servage

ERPEnterprise Resource Planning may seem like a heavy concept for small web projects, but nonetheless its principles can provide significant benefits even for small organizations with few members. Over time such systems have grown with the technological capabilities, thus becoming larger and more important for their users. However, like any other IT solution nowadays, ERP is challenged with mobile concepts. The capabilities and availability of mobile devices all over the organization makes mobile ERP more important than ever, because having the right tools available provides a real competitive advantage.

What is ERP?

Usually it is a software that knits all the parts of an organization together. For a typical small business this could be the software that handles website content, product data, online store, sales, marketing, customer service and accounting. There is really no limit to whatever you want your ERP software to handle.

Why is ERP important?

Handling the resources available in your organization is important to maximize the effect of any kind of change, investment or existing assets. There are often many ways to lead a successful organization, but none of them involves random decisions and coincidental behavior. Therefore paying attention to what you do and how you do it, is a valuable lesson – and actually an asset in itself – for anyone. Even for the sole proprietor running a webshop. You will be unlikely to stay successful if you don’t handle orders swiftly, send the right products to the right destination, keep track of (un)happy customers, make the proper reports to tax authorities, and a plethora of other obligations.

How online and mobile devices aid ERP

Staying connected is simple and easy when combining the power of a centralized server system such as the one provided by Servage, and mobile devices which can access information whenever and wherever it is needed. With modern web technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript you can build powerful ERP software to suit your specific needs anytime.

Great benefits of web technologies derive from their compatibility across many platforms and devices. If your web app can handle orders, it doesn’t matter if it’s running on your phone or tablet, iOS or Android, Safari or Chrome.

Start improving today

Pay attention to the workflows in your organization that could benefit from mobile accessibility, and try to improve those. The bulk of small improvements is often a solid way to long-term success and a solid project, no matter the purpose or size of the organization. Ask yourself some of the following questions, and think about how you could provide a slightly better experience for the people around you:

  • What do we know about the visitors to our website?
  • Why do visitors tend to order a specific popular product?
  • Is visitor curiosity and interest increased by the our marketing?
  • Are visitors happy with the signup process of our website?
  • Are customers happy with the order handling workflow?
  • When in the order handling are customers asking most questions?
  • What is the feedback we get from our customers?
  • How is the internal working atmosphere in the team?

The questions above are just a few examples of an unlimited amount of questions you could ask yourself as a starting point on how to improve your business workflows. Remember that it often just takes a few steps to improve a little thing, and over time you’re actually building something great.

Web technologies are a good place to start coding custom solutions, and you can build pretty much anything – regardless of your specific needs.

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