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Target the mobile audience with your ads

Friday, October 24th, 2014 by Servage

Target Mobile AudienceTargeting audiences with mobile devices is tough, but online advertising is one of the ways to reach to the users with different devices and analyze their behaviors. This ultimately helps you to make an effective marketing campaign. Smartphone and table users on the internet are increasing rapidly. Businesses of all kinds are eager to take advantage of this mobile craze, and want to push their marketing messages across various devices with modern browsers. Online advertisement is beneficial and even has handy tools to experiment with – and learn from. One of the most popular tools is Google AdWords and Analytics, as it combines advertising with measurements and testing.

Research has shown that the behavior of mobile users is quite different from the desktop users when they approach an Ad. For instance, mobile users distribute their time spent on such devices heavily across the day, than desktop-users, as mobile devices are available in their pocket round the clock and anywhere they wish. This directly increases the exposure and responses to ads compared to desktop users. However, cost per click on mobile is often lower than desktop, indicating that mobile traffic has less value for the advertisers. This could be because when browsing on mobile, the user is generally responsive to new information (hence clicking the interesting ad), but reluctant to actually become a conversion (i.e. sign up, buy something etc.) because of limited time or capabilities available while browsing mobile.

Usage of Bid Modifiers

Fortunately, new ‘Enhanced Campaigns’ move have brought some useful features and bid modifier is one of them. It allows you to modify your bid settings so you can set bids by a percentage of ads appearing on various device type like desktop and mobile. You can decrease the percentage of bid appearing on desktop by lowering it at their minimum level for example.

Make ads mobile preferred

Alternatively, you can set the preferences for the mobiles in Device Preferences. This way you can customize your marketing messages for the mobile audiences in particular. This is a good opportunity for a marketer to modify ads for the mobile audience by simply infusing mobile friendly elements such as a “Call Now” button so mobile users can get in touch with least possible hassles, by simply making a call directly without any next step.

Of course, you can add such elements using the web interface designing facilities of AdWords, but should think of alternate options for desktop users and their pointing devices so they can reach you just as straightforward as mobile users.

Ads size matters

We are pretty aware of the tiny screen sizes of the smartphones against the desktops – so if we think of the tiny screens first during ad-creation, we can make our ads suitable for all the devices available in the market. For instance 320×50 pixels leaderboard ads size is perfect for the majority of smartphones in the market. There are even many animation technologies available to make your ads more interactive and appealing.

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