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Spying on the web competition

Sunday, October 12th, 2014 by Servage

Internet marketing is now a bit intricate process as we can’t stop just by analyzing our data or performance on the web with analytics software. We need some more tools to see the activities of our competitors and learn some useful lessons from them. Therefore, this post is for those who wish to carry out some spying on their market competitors.

Spying on Market

Being an internet marketer, I know how much complexities and hard work involved in this profession. At present we are living in the fiercely competitive era. We need to learn things quickly and act in cost-effective ways proactively.


In due course, we need to monitor our own performance constantly. Fortunately, we have tons of various web analytics tools, which are either free or paid to use. For instance, Google Analytics is a free and powerful tools while SEO tools of Moz are capable to dig in deeper, but they are paid in the market.


However, simply monitoring our own performance won’t give us perfect clues of success in the marketing of our products online. In fact, we have to obtain some insights about what our near and dear competitors doing to assure a success and ranking high or getting more conversion hence income. Thus, some sort of web spying is essential for everyone who are playing on the web.


There are plenty of tools to do spying on your competition and get secretes of their success or correct your own campaign based on their mistakes or your own. Therefore, today I would like to introduce some highly useful and popular tools for spying on the web.


Google Alerts to Keep Watch on Competition

This tool is the simplest one as it keeps to update regarding to anything new on the web-based on your competitive keywords, competing product name, or company you want to spy. Set desired frequency of emails and watch.

Majestic SEO to Keep Watch on Content Marketing

This is an SEO tool, but its specialty include the back link tracking of the content of your competitors. Once you know your competitors have achieved success through various means of obtaining back links, you can follow them easily or correct your own mistakes in those regards.

Spy on Web to Keep Watch on Competition

If you can know about your competitors that where they host, their IP addresses, their other websites (interesting for affiliates), and market competition based on their Analytic code/Ad Sense, etc., you fill lucky to correct your own mistakes and learn some more valuable lessons from your competition. Spy on Web is providing all these with a small price.

Topsy to Keep Watch on Social Media Competition

This one is an excellent social media monitoring tool so you can know who is the most influential for your keywords among your competition. This will give you a golden opportunity to correct or enhance your social media marketing campaign. You can determine the interests of the people for a keyword on social media sites and other SEO campaign like email marketing and PPC.


QuickSprout Tool for Competitive Analysis

This tool gives you an opportunity to compare your website with other three competitors. This way you can drill down The SEO campaign, SMO campaign and many other things of your competitors in form of PDF and Excel to keep a record. This comparison will give you lots of insights and new ideas to enhance your own campaigns.
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