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Empower e-commerce by utilizing own data

Friday, October 10th, 2014 by Servage

Behavior of visitors on an e-commerce store tell lots of things about them and open new ways to convince them and convert them in na cost-effective way. Therefore, thoroughly analyzing your own data with the help of free or paid analytic tools makes more sense. Let’s see how that happens?

E-Commerce Data Tracking

A decade ago, tracking e-commerce businesses was a tough job for each e-commerce owner or their webmaster. However, the evolution of Google Analytics has contributed a lot in this direction and created a pressure on the paid analytics tools providers to extend their boundaries by offering innovative ways to remotely observe the detailed behaviors of the e-commerce website visitors .


SEO Moz or Moz at present have developed highly efficient and cost-effective web analytics tools in recent past. Fortunately, we have now plenty of service/tools providers to dig deeper in the visitors’ behavior with efficient and quick data. Therefore, in this post I am not restricted to describing some tools for superb analytics, but also focus on the various aspects they cover for the health of an e-commerce business.


Data Based on Website Design

Website design is the first factor that influences the e-commerce visitors within the first 10 seconds. Therefore, tracking data pertaining to the e-commerce website design may give perfect clues to correct your inherent design mistakes. No doubt, Google Analytics provides some heat maps and website design related data that may help you to decide effectiveness of website design, but they are not sufficient at a professional level.


I highly recommend Crazy Egg in this regard because it offers visual representations of user behavior in various ways. It enables you to map each scrolling action on the website along with normal data available in Google Analytics. With this tool, you can identify the highly active or inactive hot spots on your storefront to take effective website designing decisions. You can test your options with split tests/A/B test as well.


If you are in need of e-commerce website testing before launch and during development process or afterwards, testing with actual users is meaningful. FiveSecondTest and UserTesting websites offer exclusive tools to gauge such behavior as well as you can run some useful surveys, too with questionnaire and other ways.


Data Based on Previous Shopping

Personalizing¬† data is highly effective in order to offer personalized experiences in this fiercely competitive market. Therefore, collecting data of visitors’ location, demography, their previous shopping behavior, etc. is vital. No doubt, there is not any single analytics tool that gives you all at once. You need to take help from different tools to collect such data in aggregate manners.


Offering pricing of the e-commerce products based on the geographical data and locations of your sharp competitors is the new way to lure e-commerce traffic and get maximum conversion. Staple company has developed such tools that display location-based competitive pricing by tracking IP address or GPS location of mobile device users efficiently. It considers the visitors’ distance from the rival’s brick-and-mortar store and cuts prices or offers discount percentages accordingly.


Data Based on OS & Devices

If you have accurate data of the visitors who use various devices, browsers, and operating systems, you can take effective decisions of your e-commerce store optimization and your campaigns accordingly. Data pertaining to transactions and the security of personal data of shoppers may help you to take decisions of web encryption and security measures at once. Therefore, tracking devices and their hardware as well as software is vital for many sensitive e-commerce businesses.

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