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Avoid mistakes when working with UX

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 by Servage

Happily we are hiring UX professionals or a consultant or a company in order to make user experiences on our website or mobile application great. Unfortunately, we are committing some common mistakes and cannot take full benefits of our hiring. Therefore, I will present some piece of advice to avoid them in the future.

Hire The UX Professional

In this fiercely competitive era securing success in the web and mobile app market is a daunting task even for a seasoned developer or a team of developers for a big project. It is true that we are living in an UX era and user experiences in our software make more sense than other attributes of success.


It was a general concept that UX professionals sit in between designers and developers and just gave appropriate hints to them. In short, small to big organizations devalued the importance of the UX professionals unknowingly and suffered a big lost at the end of the day.


Strangely, we are enthusiastic about hiring a UX professional or team of UX professionals in some big project, but we don’t know how to obtain the best from them. Let’s see what common mistakes we are making while hiring a UX professional or a UX consultant in our projects.


We Put UX at Low Priority

It is true that you are quite a busy professional so you are hiring UX professional as an in-house team member or a UX consultant for a defined project. Your sole hiring purpose is to improve the UX of your products whether it is a website or a mobile application. You wish to put all responsibilities of the UX aspects on the shoulders of the hired UX professional.


That seems quite natural, but wait a minute and think about the expectations of your hired UX professional from you and the rest of your team. In the eyes of the UX professional and the other team members, you are the only person who knows your business very well, unless your organization is a big enterprise and has a big boards of directors team.


The process of work of the UX professionals involves the extraction of the maximum amount of information from the business before doing anything else in the project. Therefore, they deliberately need your help at the initial stage. Further more, they need your continuing support to smooth their work flow using your influence and management power over others to cooperate and bring in suitable teams of users for real testing during and at the end of the project.


Due to these reasons, I would like to advice you to keep your interest in UX professional intact from the beginning to the end of the development process. If you are busy, give them less time, but do their work in precise manners so they can get satisfaction from you and your behaviors.


Smooth Work of UX Professionals

As we have discussed above, UX professionals need your constant and active help to accomplish their challenging tasks. Therefore, it is mandatory to take active interest in the day-to-day activities of the UX professionals and extend your helping hand immediately whenever they seek it.


One of the rude things I have observed in a big enterprise is that they talk much about UX, but never give timely feedback to the UX professionals whenever they approach them. There would be big board of directors who hold all powers of the project and know the best about the business, but they don’t have enough time to spare for UX professionals personally and for extending their helping hands in their process.


The second mistake I have observed in small to big businesses that they declare the launch date prior to the beginning of the project and put every team members in stress to meet that deadline. It is good to give an approximate deadline for every project in this fiercely competitive era, but declaring a launch date is more harmful than beneficial.


The reason behind my advice is that a UX process is quite intricate in many cases and forth and back is essential at every step in order to create desired user experiences. Thus, declaring the launch date paramount may force the entire team to leave some critical features and functionality out of the project. Thus, you will lose the best return of your invested money for a small mistake.



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