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Leverage expert authors for your e-commerce

Saturday, September 20th, 2014 by Servage

Leverage Authorship in E-CommerceRecently, one of the major Russian search engine has demonstrated that it is giving accurate and expected results without depending on back-links in algorithm. However, Google has crafted such path before it and still struggling to achieve that sort of algorithm development at global scale. No doubt, this is a daunting task, but its previous algorithm changes like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird indicating enough.

Google can’t shift immediately from back links count, but it has decreased its dependency by inducing relevancy in back link and most importantly relying on the Authorship credentials. No doubt, contextual relevant content in back links are still influencing the SERP, but Authorship is adding extra flavor in it. In other words, authoritative content only comes from the real and right author. Therefore, considering authorship in algorithm is a wise and desirable step for search giant.

If looking closely on the spamming techniques, you may find that ghostwriters are writing low quality content in bulk and selling them cheaply. This practice makes web bloating with spam content. Therefore, putting some checks on these practices was mandatory.

Roles of Expert Authors

If you tell a commerce graduate to write content for a medical website for doctor or a hospital, what sort of quality you can expect from her? How she will gather info and present them for medicos? Practically, she will search on the web, copycat the content or just manipulate them and put on the web as useless and non-comprehensive stuff.

Therefore, some domain knowledge, deep understanding of the subject on the niche, and some sort of experiences in relevant niches are desirable traits of an expert author. An expert author will give some heart touching and brainstorming ideas in her content. She may suggest some new things to help others. Thus, a real and expert author will add some values in the business or life of the readers.

In due course, Google has introduced Hummingbird algorithm to understand the natural language of humans by bots and identify the relevancy accurately.

Roles of Expert Authors in E-Commerce

Unlike other fields, e-commerce websites are selling multiple products or services so sticking with a single subject or domains to open a session for discussion is practically not feasible and even possible in many cases. Therefore, e-commerce has to either create expert authors from itself/staff or hire a passionate one from outside and work closely with her/him.

No doubt, first option is to create an author within the organization is quite tough choice, but a long-lasting and most viable solution. A real expert within the business knows insight out of the business and can easily communicate with the readers in highly comprehensive language. If your marketing or manufacturing CEO is delivering her reviews on the website or web portal or in a blog on e-commerce website, it has a lot of values in the targeted audience. If she used to address conferences or seminars, she would have additional advantages to establish herself as an expert author.

How to Get Authorship Credentials

Thus, encouraging such personality in business is a welcome step towards perfect and complete authorship solution. If you can’t promote anyone from your industry hire someone with a deep understanding and passion for your niche. Let her to interact with your audience through your website, blogs, social networking websites, press releases, and other channels.

If I am going to offer some creative suggestions for an expert author creation, you have to encourage your e-commerce website author to attend various conferences, make slide show of your products and their promotions and upload that on sharable social media. If you can create images, video clips, etc. relevant to your content on various channels, let your expert author to share them on G+, FB, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. with appropriate keywords denoted by hash-tags.

Albeit, don’t forget to put author bio with G+ link of your expert author in each content and in the authorship plugins of your e-commerce website. Therefore, it is essential to add such authorship plugins during or after the e-commerce website development.
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