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Recommendations for designing an email welcome series

Friday, September 19th, 2014 by Servage

Email Welcome CampaignWeb visitors are often put off when they encounter a pop up asking for their email address, especially when first opening a site and before they’ve actually landed on the landing page. This type of nuisance can be found on many reputable websites or e-commerce stores. While the pop up’s intention is good for capturing repeat customers, it often annoys first time visitors who are likely unaware of the website’s purpose.

There is a gold rush for businesses to obtain email subscribers, which informs many entrepreneurs that this is a viable marketing strategy. If you look carefully at the conversion data of most e-commerce stores, you will find that repeat customers represent 10% of a site’s traffic. However, and more importantly, repeat customers deliver nearly half the income of the online store or website. And so, a smart business cannot deny the awesome financial potential that repeat customers routinely provide.

This is the driving force behind the push for email marketing. There are many facets of a successful email marketing campaign; but today, we will focus on designing the welcome series. This series of marketing messages occurs immediately after the subscriber has agreed to sign up for communications from the business.

Email Welcome Campaign—The First Step To the Success

When your visitors explore your site and convince themselves to subscribe to your emails or newsletters, they have a favorable impression of your business or organization. My first recommendation is to capitalize on this positivity and to send your first welcome email in a timely manner. To keep that early momentum going and not allow the subscriber to struggle in remembering who you are and why this message is coming to them. In other words, to minimize the chance your welcome email will end up in their trash or spam folders.

Consider the welcome email as a first date with your new customers. If you do well on it, and present the business in the best light possible, you are likely to turn it into the long-lasting marriage that very well could lead to a loyal customer. Our ultimate objective must be to design the email and its content in such a way that it establishes desire for long term trust and respect.

How to Design An Email Welcome Series

  • Start your welcome email with a simple “thank you” message. Inclusion of your logo and welcome graphics are desirable to create a good first impression.
  • Then reiterate the reasons your customer subscribed to your email series or newsletters, so their decision for doing so is confirmed. A sign of respect.
  • Keep any promise(s) you made on the website during the request for an email subscription. If you have promised some gifts as incentives, then fulfill your promise now and offer exclusive gifts for your new subscribers. This builds trust.
  • Design and write attractive, self-descriptive subject headings in your welcome emails. You do this to lessen the chance of your businesses messages being rejected, but also to show the subscriber you are worthy of respect.
  • Highlight any preference setting links in this first welcome email, so your recipient can know the relevant offerings suitable to their needs. Show them that you respect their desires instead of thinking they must adapt to your preferences for what they want.
  • Finally, highlight the un-subscription link at the end. This is key to trust while also allowing folks that may have inadvertently received the message a way to detach from your marketing efforts. It also saves your email campaign from being labeled as spam on the web.

Additionally, consider the email message firing time in accordance to the locations and local time zones. You want to maximize opportunities for customer interactions with your business when it is open and allow for relations when you are actually available. If you are not creating positive engagements during the welcome series, your email campaign can be severely jeopardized; because many ISPs may consider your message spam, if your email opening and interaction rate is zero.
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