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Some Words for WordPress Vulnerability and Un-hack It

Monday, September 1st, 2014 by Servage

Managing the security of a WordPress website is critical and daunting because analyzing and finding malicious code is taking toll of time for a seasoned WordPress developer and coping with vulnerability is ongoing battle so let’s what plan we can make and how to cope with a vulnerability in WordPress website.

WordPress Vulnerability and Un-hack It

when we receive website security related messages, we give knee jerk reactions against them and try to prevent our website with great efforts. Unfortunately, we had bad experiences despite many precursory steps taken by our hosts as well as our own. Hackers are always there and try to increase their ares of hacking by finding loops in your security so constantly battling with them by improving our security measures is only the way to win battles time-to-time.


If you are a seasoned WordPress developer, you may have enough knowledge that good hosting providers offer something extra than mere hosting. Website backup at anytime or at regular intervals, log analysis services, automatic updates of your WordPress core as well as its extensions and plugins, etc. if you are ready to take some paid packages, you will get regular website audit reports, virus and malicious code cleaning services as well as some live assistance by their in-house hired or contractor developers to un-hack your website if hacked.


Apart from these, you will have help of your theme or plugin developers if you have selected them carefully from a good company o through trusted sources. They will offer you help if you detect that their given or integrated plugins/extensions have prone to vulnerable and hacked by a hacker.

Develop a Disaster Recovery Plan in Case of Hacking


Immediately backup the website:

Yes, try to take back up entire website if hacking detected on entire website, otherwise you can remove only less important web pages or web assets, if you have detected their importance prior to hacking. You can backup web pages and MySQL like databases through writing appropriate commands or take manual backup if your website is of medium to small scale. Alternatively, you can use cPanel facilities to take backup of entire hosting account at once.


Quarantine the website:

yes, remove your website from the public view by intimating that you are in maintenance mode through either 502, or any other legitimate ways that pubic and bots both can know that you are temporary unavailable and postpone indexing your site. Now begin process of cleaning on the backup of the website. You can take help of anti-virus scanning facilities of good hosting provider or take backup on your local PC and scan them using your own.

However, such automated software scanning is not hundred percent effective and you have to go manually in code as well as in databases using phpMy Admin like facilities. In big scale attach, a single WordPress developer like you is not sufficient to clean up all codes and databases, therefore, hiring a good security specialist company or team of developers is mandatory.

Find the cause of vulnerability and resolve them:

Once you recover website at previous state before hacking taken place or afresh your website at good level, don’t jump to make it public. If you don’t try to remove the low hanging fruits for hackers in your website, it is likely to have attach again with more severity. You can take help of archived logs files like website access, FTP, SSH, cPanel manager and so on. If your hosting providers have specialist, take their help by paying some amount and find out the weaker links for vulnerability and try to remove from the grass root level.


Address Security Upfront

it is true that security is critical aspect for any category of website and addressing it once for all is not possible, instead plan out long-term strategies and acquire required knowledge to deal them effectively. Collect a team of helpers who can effectively help you during crisis as well as for precursory measures for this ongoing security battle.


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