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Build unique landing pages

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 by Servage

Build Relevant and Unique LandingPagesWhen we are thinking about the advertisement campaign our perspectives towards our website pages changes accordingly. If we have small website with a few pages and good home page, our home page will serve our all needs to attract, retain, and convert our visitors from Ad campaign successfully. The same is true for other things such as e-mail campaign and promotional/gift/voucher/coupon campaigns.

Unfortunately, somewhat big size websites can’t offer such convenience, as they have limited scope to address bespoken needs of our campaigns on the home page therefore, we need some additional page/s as landing pages to meet our requirements. If you think about e-commerce storefront, you may realize that even a good descriptive product page can’t serve our purposes custom ways and deliver our bespoke messages effectively.

Ultimate Benefits of Landing Pages

Besides the above-described purposes, we need landing pages in various circumstances such as:

  • For paid Ad/PPC campaign to create relevant and specific message or user experiences delivery
  • To meet the segmented promotional offers we have to create highly personalized and private landing pages that only can be accessed after signing up or entering promo codes (of course, with no index, no follow attributes for bots)
  • To address the promotion of multiple products by bundling them is a package with a relevancy in big e-commerce website. As simple navigation and allied products displays, in checkout pages are not sufficient to address custom campaigns e-commerce developers have to address them by creating specific custom landing pages.
  • Latest social media sites brings altogether different class of traffic with specific needs so address them with customized landing pages is the smartest way.
  • Finally, landing pages offer some extra advantages in tracking the page traffic and their behaviors using latest site analytics software. Thus, measurability comes with landing pages only at such advance levels.

Web Developers’ Roles in Landing Page Development

Generally, landing page related decisions are involving content strategists and marketing teams, but nobody knows the importance of web developers in this process so let’s take a glance over their role in this post too.

Keep Design Consistent & Relevant

Aligning marketing campaign in content or keywords with landing pages are not enough to comfort and convince the visitors. Web designer have to take care of including same nature or types of graphics, themes, etc. between Ad banners, emails, or promotional offers with landing pages. If your landing pages are differing or of low quality experiences, chances are greater to bounce your traffic.

Design Effective CTA

Unlike standard product pages, you have to focus on the CTA buttons, graphics, and texts designing. If you are not giving adequate weightage to your CTA and repeat them frequently in judicious manners, you may lose your acquired traffic without conversions.

Design Distraction Free Landing page

Who like to stay for longer on cluttered and uncomprehensive landing page? None, so always keep minimalist approaches in landing page designing and make content presentation effective, using smart layout, bulleted and scanning friendly texts, highlighting important elements, etc. No doubt, displaying your product with latest technologies and multiple images may prove useful in long run.

Make Landing Pages & Website Mobile Friendly

We know that nearly 50% traffic comes exclusively from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Therefore, designing responsive web is only solution to avoid high bounce rate for your landing pages.

Keep Landing Pages SEO Friendly

If you are not including proper keywords in content of landing pages and putting them in to the Meta data of the pages, you may have hardly good ranking in SERPs. Therefore, always follow all SEO guidelines according to the platforms you are designing/programming.
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