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Design amazing contact pages

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 by Servage

contact us page designsDuring web designing, we address each tiny detail with devotion; just so visitors can turn into our customers, and stay loyal forever. As our layouts, by design, convince site visitors to buy our products and services, we guide them to the “Contact Us’ page. Here, they find ways to connect with us.

Our contact page is the last stop for our visitors, so we must pay special attention to make it not only accurate, but appealing. Our efforts here, will mean their buyer’s instinct is kept intact or maybe even increased. In this post, I offer some helpful tips to make a contact page amazing. The goal is to provide great user experiences for visitors to your site.

Basic Considerations for Designing a Contact Page

The most fundamental aspect for the contact page is the choice of links we give for connecting to us, such as: email address, phone numbers, etc. It is best if these are linkable and activate with a single click. Obviously, these links need to be functional and are therefore something for you to check on periodically. If the item changes on your end, then the links here must be updated immediately. Less obvious, but still fundamental is the overall look and feel for how your contact info is displayed on the page. The list of data needs to be balanced in the layout and be easily distinguishable, so visitors can easily access the desired contact method .

Best Practices for Copywriting

The rest of your website makes an all out effort to send visitors to your contact page, by ways of creative marketing. On the contact page, you want to keep that tempo alive and maintain that creativity on this final page. You have to write copy here that squarely aligns with your previous messages, while inspiring users to establish a connection with you. Best practices for copywriting here are to be concise in your contact messaging and avoid making users fill out long forms.

Your input fields must be self-explanatory and ask only for essential info. Also, minimize the number of mandatory input fields.

Offer Responsive Designing

As we are now in a mobile era, responsive designing is mandatory. Maintain minimalism by cutting the number of characters in your input fields. Provide just enough space to give pertinent info to your visitors. Any location maps and screenshots should be graphically optimized, so users of all screen sizes and devices are able to properly view them.

Keep Balance in Design

Some artistic types, such as musicians, painters, and photographers wish to share their creativity in contact page layout, by making it cluttered. Many do not realize this leads to a heavy weight for the page and slows loading. It is okay to go informal with designs, but keep professionalism as the guiding principle. Another thing I have noticed is that some sites give only location maps or aerial views and then only a contact number. This is not a good practice. It is always better to provide text and input fields for those visitors who don’t want face-to-face contact or are unable to call you at your specified time.

Social Icons

Social icons/links can and should be placed on the contact page. Many visitors like to know your social ratings, or seek opinions from others through their social channels. They are more apt to seek this info than simply reading and believing testimonials placed on your website.

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