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Powerful dashboards enrich your business optimization

Saturday, May 10th, 2014 by Servage

Real-time Dashboard

Modern businesses are marching ahead with help from the latest technological innovations. Scrappy entrepreneurs use the newest gadgets, like smartphones and tablets, to improve the performance of their business. Similar to an e-commerce business, many brick-and-mortar businesses have an online presence, while practicing mobile commerce, or m-commerce.

Initially, local businesses just established their online presence for advertising only, with a few adding on means for location-finding purposes. Now, they’ve learned to use their sites or web apps to manage all customer affairs, as well as their internal staff correspondence. They may also have mobile apps integrated with their web services which offer insights for their business operations.

This post speaks to the importance of making data driven decisions by using the power of a business’ visualization capacity. Today, major independent software vendors (ISVs) are competing to provide businesses with highly comprehensive, data visualization techniques which use information dashboards. Let’s explore the major changes, on the horizon, of user experiences with these data techniques.

Emergence of Powerful Information Dashboards

Last year, the software giant, SEO Moz introduced the highly comprehensive and compact “Moz Analytics.” Now the company, known simply as Moz, offers a great package for data visualization, using an analytics dashboard. This consists of data visualization fractions for search parameters, including an organic search (section), a social parameters (section), and a referral traffic insights (section), plus much more.

Apart from Moz, there are many ISVs adding data visualization capabilities in their products. This trend is forecasted to continue for the next few months, if not years. These modern dashboards provide extensive insight, dealing with content performance and website or web application designing techniques. Performance measures provide an overall idea of UX implementations and feedback, depicted in highly comprehensive ways, using charts, graphs, and tables.

Perhaps, Google was inspired by these initiatives of Moz Analytics, as it has improved its own dashboard, by offering the latest features.

Trending Towards Real-Time Data Visualization

There was a time when statisticians gathered data over many months, then spent days to make the data sets presentable for marketers. But recent digitalization has greatly improved this scenario, by offering visitors the ability to convert the data into table, graphs, etc. within just milliseconds. Data visualization software today, produces every swipe, drag, tag, or click of our users in real-time, and up to the moment. This helps modern marketers in predicting the current behavior of their users while offering opportunities to make prompt business decisions.

For example, Google Universal analytics offers the opportunity to see how many users are surfing your website at the moment. Plus you can observe which pages they are on and what actions they are taking on each page. Additionally, you are informed about where they are, including location specifics, time, date, etc. Taking all this into account, you have access to a significant understanding regarding the performance of your website. In turn, you can make appropriate and prompt decisions to improve your conversion rate, by implementing the latest performance optimization techniques and technologies.

Modern Information Dashboards

At present, the available information dashboards are designed with desktop or laptop users in mind. But soon we’ll look to dashboards that depict this significant data on our smaller screens, operated by hand gestures. Thus, many ISVs have begun research in this direction and are hinting at various improvements in their presentation layers, for on-the-go type users. Similar to how improvements with GPS and location maps technologies offered us more accurate and useful location-based data inferences, over time. Therefore, marketers will have more tools to effectively deal with their audiences, according to their locations.

Predictive Analytics Dashboards

We collect enormous data sets for predictions in areas such as weather, stock market behavior, election forecasts, and more. These predictive data analyses can be visualized on the dashboards of our software in very intuitive ways. We can help retailers in planning their inventories, or manufacturers to expand their facilities with these modern information dashboards that contain the latest software, and are customized, according to their particular needs.

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