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Gain and use learnings from previous projects

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 by Servage

Mistakes We Make Dring Web Development Project

We almost all, web designers and web developers have some common experiences. For instance, our all projects are not smoothly running as we expect. There are some major or minor obstacles in the way of our web designing and wed development processes. Some time clients create hurdles and sometimes we for us.

In most of the cases, our attitude towards the project, our prejudices, and our designing practices put us into somewhat troublesome states. Therefore, I always keep my eyes and ears open during the development process especially when things seems going worst in order to obtain solutions before clients or project showing deadlines.

Of course, I am a creative guy, but I always try to keep restraints myself into the boundaries of my niche expertise and never jump on other fields to learn them immediately. Instead, I try to seek help of other experts for their respective fields of expertise. Therefore, I firmly believe that often mistakes offer you opportunity to improve future work and if you want to correct your future mistakes, you have to do things as I have done in following ways.

Make Your First Draft Impressive

When we reach at some level of expertise and experiences and become seasoned web designers or web developers, we tend to drop many fundamental things during our development process and making our first draft is one of them. We directly jump on the initial research and start project planning as soon as clients approve our projects.

After several bad experiences with clients and laws, I started to write clear, comprehensive, and compact first draft with the help of my lawyer and my teams of web designers and web developers. We do things systematically, but neat and clean way.

Sketching Idea—A Building Block

As described above, I was directly jumping on the Photoshop to make prototypes or seat on the automatic software for wireframes preparations. I believe that we are living in mobile era and we have all gadgets at our disposal. This doesn’t mean that we forget about our initial sketching practices. If you take some time and pains to prepare initial sketch of your project plan in form of a detailed proposal and putting on the table to obtain approval from your clients, you might have less troubles in future.

The reasons are obvious, as most of the clients want some minor tweaks in your original ideas you have put at the time of project approval, not take somersaults.  The record of such documents will definitely help you in the time of discrepancies between you and your clients during or at the end of project

Keep Testing In Balance

In order to offer high quality product I was running exhaustive testing at the testing time and wasting valuable time for me and the time to deliver product to the market for my clients. Therefore, I have decided to make some planning for testing too and distribute testing phases in each major stage of the web development process. I have taken help of some automated testing software out in latest advance market and some decided to do manually with my QA team.

Keep Learning Aside While You Have Deadline

I had a vice or some bad habits like learning on the fly because things tempt me to learn as soon as they appear in my ways during a project. No doubt, learning is not bad, but learning time might prove wrong if you begin learning when you have some deadlines to attend in some projects. Select free time to learn new technologies, tools, and techniques. Do that in order to keep you  and your team updated but surely not in the mid of any project.


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