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Practical tips to improve conversions in webshops

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 by Servage

Based on a recent survey, I have included some useful hints, in this post, for an e-commerce website. There are many ways to improve conversion rate, but not all are viable, so I have noted those that are good practical suggestions.

In e-commerce businesses, we have seen low value products (below $100) sell rapidly. Yet, visitors show a different behavior when they approach high value product pages. In our survey, we found that the users journey is quite normal on the low value products, up to the checkout pages. But suddenly, our users abandon the cart, either keeping items in wish list or leaving without any indication. When we dug the data further, we observed that e-commerce websites, which hint at their trustworthiness, were observing less of a bounce on the final stage.

Trust factors

Displaying your complete physical address and contact information is one way to establish more trust. Also, you can place some testimonials or quotes which indicate your ability to provide better and reliable services, like shipping. secure payment methods and technologies. By displaying Visa-like icons, this signifies that you are safe, secure and rapid with all payment matters.

Price and Promotion

Apart from security factors, we also observed that people like to do research on the quality and prices for products. Thus, it can be reassuring if you convey that your products are high quality with very competitive prices. Here, marketing lingo and good copy writing will solve your problem. Another factor affecting good conversion rates is proper implementation of promotional initiatives. Your e-commerce website must be designed to show your shoppers what happens when they add voucher codes or use discount offers. Having a clear sense of doing good bargaining helps consumers when they buy on an e-commerce storefront.

When offering discounts on your home page, an astute visitor assumes that you already add this discounted price to your final product price. Therefore, it is necessary to show that you are already offering highly competitive prices, and the discount is a bonus for a limited time. If you provide promotional offers on the checkout page, then consider conditions for taking advantage of the discount. For instance, if they buy items worth more than $100, they are eligible for the discount. Thus, clarifying promotional offers can inspire more spending in your store.

Prolonged Follow Up

There are standard designs for checkout pages that we offer, such as wish lists. Unfortunately, items that are postponed in the cart can expire, causing visitors to surf the site again from scratch.  If we really want to catch those one time visitors again, we need to increase the shopping cart expiration period from days to weeks, or even up to one year. Then set up an automatic reminder e-mail system to follow up with them. Our recent observation favors this suggestion, as we have seen a good percentage of visitors revisit our e-commerce store again and completed purchases.

Along with good experiences, if you take care of some minor, but practical steps on the final stage of the conversion funnel, you can easily win the battle.

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