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The benefits of Fireworks improve webdesign

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 by Servage

Web designers are at a critical juncture, going from big to tiny device designs. We need more powerful tools to assist us with the challenge for responsive designing. Adobe Fireworks can meet that challenge. Therefore, I will discuss some of the positive aspects of Fireworks and its impact on our website designing and programming.

More often than not, the web design community relies heavily on Photoshop and illustrator for every sort of graphic designing needs, whether it be for small websites or large ones for big businesses. In contrast, the general impression of Fireworks is for managing only small to medium level websites, especially when budget constraints are an issue.

Yet, I and other seasoned professionals have a different belief about the usefulness of Fireworks. Even for enterprise level site design. I have solid reasons to back my beliefs, and those are:

Smart File Format

Fireworks’ default file format is PNG, which is acceptable on any device, in any browser or on any image/photo viewer. Fireworks is capable of embedding all vector layer details in the Meta data portion of the PNG, so you can see PNG images everywhere without any restriction.

In contrast, you can’t see any thumbnail nor can you view the source files of Photoshop (PSD) or Illustrator (AI) in Windows Explorer or in a Mac’s finder folder. If you want to see the result of Photoshop image that you edit, you need to first flatten it or export it in JPEG or GIF format. Whereas PNG can be edited or viewed directly in Fireworks without any need for either export or save-as file options.

Therefore, when you work with a client or your team, you don’t need to produce a different set of prototypes, because the same Fireworks PNG can be previewed in any image viewer. Plus, your team members can edit it in their Fireworks program, without needing an alternate format. This is a relatively easy process for large scale projects, where weighted image files and documents can create problems. PNG embeds vectors layers, raster layers, live filters, various symbols, etc. at the cost of a few MBs, not GBs, whilst PSD occupies tons of memory on your hard drive.

Least Use of Layer Panel

When working with PSD, you need to organize your layer panel frequently. Each move needs access to the layers in the layer panel. However, in Fireworks, we don’t need to touch the layer panel as frequently and sometimes, not at all. The reason behind this is the nature of the program, which is similar to Illustrator, and allows you to select objects through highlighting or hovering over it. Multiple selection is an easy process. You just hold Shift key and drag the mouse across the images or components in the interface.

The greatest thing about Fireworks: it allows easy editing of the selected objects with just a right-click or by looking at the selection window where you can resize, skew or rotate the object.

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