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The useful Text Commands extension for Fireworks

Friday, January 10th, 2014 by Servage

There are some useful extensions in Fireworks, which help in the web design workflow. This post introduces one of those extensions and describes how it can be helpful.

Manipulating Text

Text is an integral part of web design, making up more than 50% of all published content. Typography is considered an inseparable part of graphic design. As text is applied via HTML format, we also need some in image format for buttons, icons, etc. During designing, experienced professionals avoid placeholder text (i.e. Lorem Ipsum…). Instead, we prefer our own, well written, text content so we can get an accurate look and feel of the website.

Now, Fireworks doesn’t come with text editing abilities like that of say Microsoft Word. But we can bring text manipulation ability into Fireworks with extensions. Text Commands, created by Aaron Beall, is a top notch text editing extension; so let’s see how it helps in our workflow.

Text Case Manipulation

An important function for text manipulation is changing text case. We often have to copy/paste text from different sources and they all seem to have their own text styles. With Text Commands, we can easily change the case according to its placement, such as all upper case in main heading, or first letter in upper case in title, or even all lower case within a paragraph.

Text Style Manipulation

Style pertains to color, weight and other stylizing attributes which are common in stand alone text editors. Thus, there’s an inherent desire for bringing style formatting into Fireworks, during the web design process. Fortunately, Text Commands is able to meet this desire through the “Past Text Attributes” command, where you can copy text from a Word file, select a text block in Fireworks, and simply apply the command. Done! You see all the properties of your copied text in Fireworks.

Text Box Editing

Sometimes, we need to place a whole paragraph from a text editor, which may have different styles. For example, our snippet has a heading plus a few sentences in the same block. In a Word file, that block usually appears fine, due to natural separations through spacing and text styles. But in Fireworks, that same block tends to look cluttered. Therefore, we need to position the heading separately with different styling, i.e. center spaced rather than left margin. With Text Commands, you simply select the box and apply “Split Text Box Command” and the entire task is managed by the extension.

Likewise, you can use the “Merge Text Command” when you need to select separate text blocks individually. When you apply the command, the blocks will merge into a single block, resulting in text that appears cohesive. You can also dictate the sequence of multiple objects when you are merging into a single block. Additionally, you can select inclusion of text between objects/blocks, such as non-breaking spaces while merging them into a single block.

There are ample options to style your text blocks in your web design project and to make text part of your styled graphics throughout the layout of the web page.

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