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Good conversion funnel strategies

Monday, November 4th, 2013 by Servage

Content is always king on the web. Therefore, everyone wants to create content. Whether that be textual, audio recordings, videos, or images, we are eager to serve others through them.

At this moment, we are focused on text, videos and images as our search engines have limitations in responding to an audio inquiry. Creating content is not a quick nor cheap job. If we start writing an article, editing an image in Photoshop, or take a video recorder and start capturing some event, we have to sacrifice some time, at the very least, and possibly money or other resources, especially if we are interested in professional presentation of the material. Thus, very few business owners tend to do this hard work, unless a small business does so to save their hard-earned dollars. The rest, or majority of business owners, hire a content marketing agency or a professional freelancer.

As a web designer, you need to create content yourself, or through hiring content writer, or even consider outsourcing for such help. Therefore, you must first formulate a content strategy that represents your business well. Moreover, your content should engage potential visitors; otherwise, you may lose your customers and hence your business in the long run.

As with e-commerce sites, all business websites have their own conversion funnel, because all businesses have specific targets. Thus, we must adapt our content strategy within our website development process and create it accordingly. For sake of simplicity, we can devise our content strategy process by defining some essential conversion funnel steps, in the following ways.

Introduction of Our Products or Services

This is the initial step of the conversion funnel: when a visitor arrives on the website. At this stage, our visitor is searching the available information regarding our product/service, so she can know what the purpose of this website is. We need to describe our products or service in an elementary way, so she can decide whether she is in the right place or not. Our introductory content should contain answers telling her whether her desired product is available through our site; and if yes, then what are the reasons that she should buy from our site only. You must specify why your business is the best option when compared to your competitors.


Once the ‘introduction to your company’ stage is passed, your next step is to have your visitors engage your content and make them interested in your products or services. In this step, you ought to explain the pros and cons of your products. Provide maximum information about your services, and show how others enjoy it, by citing reviews, testimonials, etc.

Inspire to Have

Once you obtain positive interest from your visitor in your product, he may start thinking about purchasing it, so you have to help firm his decision by explaining how your product will make a difference in his life or in his business. You can place some incentives or offers if they choose to buy your product right now. This way, the customer will have a strong desire to obtain the product sooner than later.

Trigger Action

Once you strengthen their desire for your product, your final job is to guide them and show how they can easily buy from you through the website or from local stores. You need to assure them that your business transactions are safe and that their personal data is as well. You have to make available all possible payment options, so they can select the most convenient option for them.

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