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Design your webshop to meet your visitors’ personalities

Friday, June 14th, 2013 by Servage

Customer behavior is a concern in an e-commerce store, just like in a brick-and-mortar store. When we manage a physical store, we expect our sales persons to learn some behavioral science at first and to know the behavior of the store visitors and then customers. On e-commerce, we don’t have opportunities to get visual clues so we mostly rely on the various analytical tools and some experiences acquired before.

We can classify our site visitors based on their behaviors and by the comparison with physical store experiences. The particular set of their behaviors can place them in some definition of the particular personalities so let’s see these personalities closely.

Like physical shopping mall, online visitors also have tendencies to do bargaining. In real life, they can ask sale persons about the prices and some offers of discounts or other incentives that cumulatively reduce the overall cost of the products or services, even in some cases demand the reduction of the prices exclusively for them. Unfortunately, such live interactions are not possible for e-commerce businesses.

Therefore, as a web designer we can solve this problem by placing some discount offers next to the price tags and can do coding such a way that discount expires after certain period or evoke after the certain amount of purchase or numbers of products in shopping carts. Most of the shopping cart software has this functionality in-built and we need to modify that according to the business of our client. Moreover, we can place some banners on the home page or the product page to attract such bargain hunters.

The same principle is applicable for the free shipping hunter visitors. We can announce free shipping for certain areas or for the certain period on some minimum amount of the purchase that can recover our shipping expenses without much loss in profit. When you device some interface in the checkout page to automatic winding up of shipping charges and announce that by highlighting the saving your shoppers have got on that purchase.

Many e-commerce site visitors are simply surfing the web to see something that might be useful for them now or in the near future. This sort of personality has typical behavior to see your products very closely and try to know things about the products in super details. Therefore, we can employ the latest technologies to see products with regional zoom facilities as well as placing multiple images taking from various angles. Besides this, we can describe our products in details along with the various benefits those shoppers get and how to use them properly. These efforts definitely reward you to retain such window shoppers with you.

Generally, we most of the shoppers have some tints of distrusts on the online stores or on the products, which are new for us. In due course, we try to get opinions of others regarding to the product as well as the shopping experiences on the website. As a successful online storefront designer I never let my visitors to go to the review sites, but will provide them get reviews, ratings and testimonials in form of text or video on the product page before going to the conversion funnel or on the checkout page before final transactions, rating facilities in particular in this case.

We can arrange a mechanism to auto-generate e-mails just after accomplishing purchase to encourage users to give their reviews and rating after certain period of purchase so our customers can tell their true stories to other such review-centric personalities. Of course, we can get some clues for the pros and cons of our products and services through the feedback of our shoppers and correct them immediately to convert that customer into the loyal customer who visits repeatedly our site.


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