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Improve web-design-skills with latest Photoshop tools and techniques

Friday, June 7th, 2013 by Servage

Graphic designers often favor Photoshop, and it has been so for a very long time. I remember that Photoshop was an extremely print-graphics friendly tool during the print-era and was extensively used by the digital image processing professionals. With advent of technologies the importance of print media declined and the rise of web phenomena occurred. Gradually Photoshop also became web friendly and many new tools and techniques have been included. Such advancements are continuing with the release of back-to-back versions. Today Photoshop has managed to move from print to web and maintain it’s status as a top piece of software. Unfortunately, also a very expensive piece of software.

Despite these all, professional web designers crave for more improvements in their productivity so in this post we will see some tools which can contribute them to get an edge over the competitors in the market by quickly releasing quality products. There are many things we can do to make Photoshop more powerful like actions, templates and plug-ins to speed up our day-to-day visual designing tasks.

When we are expecting quick generation of storyboards, PDFs and stacks for client presentation of any Ad campaign, we can take help of Mr. Stacks tool, which is a small Photoshop script. You can apply this script for lots of animations elements in an Ad.

If you are a photographer and using Photoshop you may have experience that arranging, resizing and scaling plenty of images or photos for final production at the end of the day is a daunting task. In such situations you can take help of Tych Panel for Photoshop, which will automate n-Tych creation process moreover, you have enough room to select the layouts as per your requirements.

We need cropping frequently during website designing process and many times our cropping is not simple, but we need to do it with lots of images and in particular manner. At this juncture we can apply Golden Crop Photoshop script which is working based on division rules with visual guides. This script can work on many Photoshop versions for the Windows as well as Mac.

In web designing sometime we need our Photoshop document to play in browser and resizing it accordingly. At that time Browser UI action will help you building a browser window around any size of Photoshop document without much hassle. No doubt this is a paid action but worth to its nominal price.

In our day-to-day tasks we have to bring many images from browsers to Photoshop so we generally copy them and open new window in Photoshop so it create Photoshop window according to its dimensions and then we paste it in new file. If you need to perform these actions repeatedly or do them frequently in a day we can help you to save your time. If you are using Firefox then our trick will work because there is an Add-on of Firefox called Open with Photoshop 0.6 that immediately do this action with a single click!

Same the way Firefox help us in structuring a design using guides for laying out elements symmetrically on your web page. You can do this work in browser same as you do in Photoshop and foxGuide extension will make possible for you. This extension will display horizontal as well as vertical floating guides, which you can move as per your wish.

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