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Make your web-shop more successful with user-centric product-page-design

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 by Servage

In an e-commerce website, the real journey of the shopper starts with product page. When a visitor arrives on the website, she starts looking to see whatever she wants-The product. She reaches at the product page anyway and starts looking for the product information to satisfy her detailed requirements related to the product and its purchasing. Therefore, product description has the outstanding place to push the visitor towards the final goal of the store-Conversion.

When you carefully analyze the e-commerce stores, you might end up with a definite conclusion that most of the sites have product descriptions, which are trying to simulate the brick-and-mortar store experiences by giving detailed product information. This information mainly is targeting brand augmentation and guiding to the smooth checkout. The main point is missing everywhere and that is, lack of information in which users have real interest.

If we write product descriptions at the users’ point of view with appropriate layout, we definitely can create positive influences on the users, and can lead them towards the conversations, rapidly and successfully. In user-centric description if we highlight the product at the angles where certain users are looking for, we can get immediate responses from that class of users in favor of the e-commerce store. All right, now question is that how do you predict that your targeted users will see the product at certain angles, and which angles they are, means which information they crave, and how to present that information.

It is tough to obtain such information for an e-commerce store that can reach at any corner of the world, within a fraction of second, and anyone can enter into this virtual shop. Fortunately we some handy advance analytical tools to collect such valuable information and can know the location, demography, their tech-savvy levels, their behaviors on your site, their preferences and lot much. Apart from analytic tools, we have other channels like e-mail, contact us page, live chat on website, blog, commenting, rating and writing reviews also providing the deep insights of the real users.

If we create, amalgamation of these all information in a hypothetical model that is popularly termed as persona that is all characteristics that our target users have at some extent. Now you can start wring a product description copy, designing the layout and information hierarchy to please your persona. Thus, you will have a true user-centric product description and design to get desired effects. We can get some clues with the help of a small example in which we are developing some useful software for educational institutions and we need to write a product copy for them.

Here we know the target audience very well so our product descriptions have jargons related to education field. Generally, the folks related to educational institutions know such terminologies well. Therefore, if we create layout and information hierarchy accordingly, we definitely can please our target audience and can get good selling.

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