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Adding humanity and personal style to your website

Thursday, May 9th, 2013 by Servage

Website is a bunch of code, data, designs and all technical stuff and we used to leave it as such. Therefore, when someone seat in front of computer and open a website she feels that she is interacting with a machine. However, web professional try hard to make website human friendly by inducing good texts, eye candy images, icons which are telling things other ways than written texts and a lot more. These all efforts are in one direction and that makes website less technical anyhow.

There are many ways to do this. For instance, we can use the colors and layouts, which can create an atmosphere that is most familiar to your target audience and relevant to the messages, which your website wants to convey. Many use the images and icons, which are align to your brand and the personality of your website. Thus, most of the web designers are making stuff to enhance the communication between the visitors and website.

If we look in this more closely, we will find that the images and texts, which are covering the major part of the web page, look unnatural in a sense that they consists of the components which are not created by human beings, but machine drawn. Let me elaborate this little bit more. In the infancy of civilization, humans were using fingers to draw things to express their thoughts later on we reached at a stage where we had pencil and paper to make presentations.

Therefore, we feel more natural with hand drawn sketches than the well-furnished digital things. If we apply the same on our website, we can offer more natural look and feel and can make our web pages more personal and communicative with the visitors. When we use freehand drawing and other sketches as the components of our UIs, we create a personality and deliver a message of authenticity and trustworthiness. Perhaps, this is the reason people prefer handwritten cards for their loved ones instead of computer written.

Another fact is that hand drawn content is unique in all sense as each human being is differing from others in drawing curves and lines therefore we easily identify the handwriting of our familiar person. Thus, we can offer personal experiences and make web page authentic and distinctive. A good facet of the freehand drawing is that it has character, which is emerging from the imperfection due to human touch and creating some sort of tension against the machine drawn texts and graphic elements. These all in freehand drawing grab our immediate attentions and make us to stay for a while.

Logo is a central element of the brand on the web page so if we create a hand drawn style logo that definitely will become more memorable than that of machine touched. As stated above the hand drawn content is unique and recall the memory of the person when we see them. Therefore, the same principle is working here and hand drawn content broadcasts a message that there is human being behind the content. Moreover, freehand content spreading the feelings of personalization and avoid the anonymity hence that content becomes usable and more trustful for the visitors.

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