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Web-based code editor for your website

Monday, March 11th, 2013 by Servage

Are you coding on a local server and upload to your hosting account? Or do your maybe even code straight on the web server in the live page? Either way, you may strongly consider a web-based coding editor, which integrates your development environment with your hosting account even better. Below is a list of some great tools to help you.


Very robust development tool with Code editor, FTP Client, CSS Editor, Dropbox support, Sandbox, iPhone App, iPad App, Android App and BB Playbook.


Mature tool with projects in multiple languages, syntax coloring and code-completion, compile code and review build errors, run and debug code in multiple platforms, and more.


Brand new, formerly Kodigen. Has not been released yet, but the demo looks every nice. Stay tuned :-)

There are lots more online coding editors, and a quick online search reveals them quickly. Regardless which one you choose, collaborating like this, will make your development more efficient and location independent.

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