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Nette Framework

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 by Servage

There are many available frameworks out there, and I love to see new ones mature. It’s great that some many frameworks can be used, it gives lots of options – but also makes decision making increasingly difficult. The Nette Framework is another player in the sea of web application frameworks – but like most others, it has its right to be here. It comes with great and powerful features, and makes life easier for web developers.

Perfect Security. Nette uses revolutionary technology that eliminates security holes and their misuse, such as XSS, CSRF, session hijacking, session fixation, etc. Want to know more?

Debugging Tools. Possesses unmatched debug tools, which will help you discover all bugs in timely fashion.

Excels in Performance. According to an independent test Nette Framework is one of the fastest frameworks ever.

Active Community. You will not be alone in that! Community around the framework gives advices, creates addons and enhancements, shares their experiences.

Easy Learning Curve. You will learn to create web applications for a very short time.

Good Habits. Nette Framework will lead to well design applications with emphasis on future extensibility.

Modern Framework. AJAX / AJAJ, Dependency Injection, SEO, DRY, KISS , MVC, Web 2.0, cool URL – a sophisticated support for all advanced technologies and concepts.

A Mature Object-Oriented Design. Thoughtful and pure object-oriented design using the new features in PHP 5, components and event driven modeling.

Plugins and Extensions. Continuously growing offer of addons for easy use in your applications. Appreciate the benefits of reusable code.

Open Source License. The BSD License is one of the most free. Framework can be used free of charge even in commercial projects.

Teamwork. Well divides the work among multiple programmers and HTML coders.

Gives you Freedom. Nette Framework does not limit you. Indeed, it can be usefully combined with the Zend Framework for example.


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