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Embed shared links with live preview

Saturday, January 19th, 2013 by Servage

Have you ever wondered how social media portals create the smart Share-a-link functions, where you get to see a little preview of the page you want to share? It’s actually very nice functionality and clever as well. Thankfully such an implementation is not as difficult as you might think. Basically you can┬ácircumvent┬ámost complexities by using an embed-provider like – who takes care of the difficult part.

How does it work?

You build your own sharing interface in your web app, but behind the scenes, you request to scrape the posted URL, and it will return with a set of information about the page, which you can use in your preview. E.g. title, description text, image etc. This is pretty clever, because it figures out what is the relevant content to preview and can scrape pretty much any website. Furthermore they collaborate with different content providers to optimize the process for content from their sources.


The above is an example URL calling the API and requests to scrape one specific URL. Beware that there are placeholders in this URL, so you would have to fill in the relevant data for your request.

If you want a peak at how it would work with URLs you wish to share, then have a look at the testing function here.

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