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Use wikis to create active communities

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 by Servage

You know the power of Wikipedia and I’m sure you use it yourself from time to time. The power of shared strength, knowledge and engagement is overwhelming. Although it may sometimes be overeager or even wrong, it most often corrects itself quickly and always strives for the most correct, precise and honest version of it’s knowledge. Community-based knowledge is the best instrument you have available online to support you and your customers.

Servage Wiki

Here at Servage Hosting there is a wiki available for customers by customers, where people can share and contribute their experiences and knowledge about specific issues, workflows etc., to aid the common goal of every customer getting the help they need. The motivation of existing customers is simply to share, while the motivation for Servage is to provide better service. It works.

Get started with your own Wiki

Have you thought about starting a wiki for your own project? If you are interested take a look at the following two articles where we have described a few systems that can help you with that:

Easy wikis with Writeboard

TeamLab creates your corporate portal

Start engaging your community today!

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