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Secure data transfer to your website with SSL

Saturday, November 24th, 2012 by Servage

Are you transferring important data between your website and visitors? Should this data be protected from curious third-parties or hackers? Many website owners are collecting information and personal data from users, having login mechanisms with passwords etc. Did you know that this data is transmitted clearly and unencrypted, for every sniffer to see? Especially on WiFi networks this can be a real danger, since all packets between all computers are available for everyone to grab – who is on the same network. Therefore encryption is important!

The easiest and most commonly used form of encryption is SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer). It is based on a SSL certificate you install on your web server  which helps the browser to encrypt data. This data is by default very secure, and recommended to use (it should be used!) for any transfer of critical data, especially login/password information and credit card numbers.

Get a SSL certificate for your website

In the Servage Control Panel you can easily get a SSL certificate for your websites. There are self-signed and professional certificates available and the Servage system takes care of the installation for you. It’s easy and improves security for your visitors greatly.

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