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Simplify SQL “where” conditions with the “in” statement

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 by Servage

When you select some thing with SQL and accept any record where a given parameter has one of multiple values, you often see long where conditions like the following:

Simple example

SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE `id` = "2" OR `id` = "4" OR `id` = "6";

This is based around the regular “where” conditions, where you can append multiple rules with AND/OR – plus even group the with parenthesis, thus creating very complex and long where conditions.

This process can be simplified a bit by using the “in” statement. It is used to indicate that the statement is fulfilled if a field has any of a set of following values. Consider the example from above using the “in” statement:

Simple example – using the “in” statement

SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE `id` IN ("2", "4", "6");

MySQL offers many nice features like this, to simplify and optimize your queries. A look at the documentation is always worth the effort.


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