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Centralize all your productivity apps

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 by Servage

Do you struggle with a lot of information from a lot of sources online? Engaged in multiple social networks, using many web apps, getting info here, there, everywhere. It’s hard to keep track and stay efficient with this information overload we sometimes experience. Since the invention of the internet, the daily media consumption has doubled, which basically means more info, sometimes at the same time, frying the brain. Anything to help simply this process is an improvement of our own health over time – plus you get the feeling of staying more organized, being able to work better and more focussed, because things are right there, where you need them, sorted. Hojoki is an app that tries to achieve that for you, but combining lots of resources into a better overview. The developers describe it to combine all services in a single, accessible cloud:

See the big picture
One newsfeed for all your productivity apps. Hojoki unifies all the updates from your cloud apps into one newsfeed. Like Facebook shows you what your friends have been up to, Hojoki tells you the same about all the people you work with in apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote and more.

Discuss your work
Comment on your co-workers’ activities. Send comments to your collaborators from within your newsfeed. Choose the people to be included in the conversation and Hojoki creates a private ad-hoc discussion for you. They‘ll receive an email and don‘t even have to join Hojoki to answer you.

Get notified
Push notifications and catch-up emails. Hojoki notifies you in real-time of any changes in your apps. We also send you a daily catch-up, informing you about all the updates from the previous 24 hours. And our summary email on the weekends shows you what you’ve achieved during the week. Man, have you been busy!

Join workspaces
Team spaces for discussing and sharing. A joint workspace provides all team members with the same newsfeed. Choose what parts of your apps belong to a workspace and add members. See and discuss your work as it flows in and share stuff like bookmarks and files from your private newsfeed with your team.

Try and see if it makes your information gathering, storage and collaboration easier :-)


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