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Minify your script code for faster load times

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 by Servage

Have you ever thought about how the way you code affects file sizes? Nice formating, line breaks, documentation, it all adds to your script files. Take a JavaScript file for example. Mainly a bunch of static code, which rarely changes, but filled with a lot of unnecessary information. If your remove that, you could get pretty small files – adding to the overall performance of your website.

If you wish to minify your files, this removing all the¬†unnecessary¬†clutter, then you don’t want to do it manually. It would be a crazy job, which had to be repeated with every update to the file. What you want is Minify, an open source scripts which helps you to automatically compress your files.

Minify can work with individual scripts and groups of scripts, called bundles, so you can get the best possible result for your scenario. Use it to improve your website load times. It’s fully automatic once you have set it up.

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