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Get out of unwanted newsletter lists

Sunday, September 16th, 2012 by Servage

We all know the irritation, the annoyance of getting spam mails, or even legit newsletters for something we signed up for by accident, or maybe even willing, but forgot or lost interest in. The unsubscribe process is often complicated, and sometimes doesn’t even work. Thankfully is trying to solve that problem by offering an “easy way out”. is the free and easy way to end unwanted subscriptions and rollup the rest into an organized overview made just for you.

Unsubscribe. It’s Easy! makes managing your subscription list easy. Simply select the emails that are overloading your inbox, and we’ll automatically unsubscribe you all at once.If you change your mind, there’s always time to reselect a subscription. Plus your privacy is our top priority. We don’t even peek at your personal emails (promise).

Revolutionary Rollups Innovating the Inbox!
It’s the cleanest, leanest in-box format we’ve ever seenest. And we mean it. At a glance, our Rollup offers a daily summary of your subscriptions.Our inbox rollup is so intuitive that it even organizes and prioritizes each email and automatically puts it into its own individual Rollup category as it comes in (crazy cool, huh?). This keeps your individual rollups streamlined and clean.

Get rid of unwanted newsletters today!

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