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Using GitTower to work with your code

Friday, August 17th, 2012 by Servage

GitTower is an alternative to the SourceTree app we presented recently. It comes with similar features, but may be a better choice for some. It is: Easy. Efficient. Powerful.
Git is the future of version control. But using it on the command line can be difficult.
Make your life easier with Tower – the most powerful Git client for your Mac.

From Beginner to Master
Learn Git with Tower. With its easy-to-use interface you’ll be up to speed in no time. Tower takes the pain out of Git and makes complex tasks simple. Tower has all of Git’s advanced features waiting for you: single line staging, submodule support, file history…
Increase your productivity – without missing Git’s power.

From Confidence to Productivity
Made a mistake? Just roll back to a previous revision. Want to try something out? Simply drag and drop to create a new branch. It worked in the past? Easily inspect any file’s history. Discard single lines of code. Cherry-pick commits. Create & apply patches. Work with git submodules. Use git-svn.
Tower is as powerful as Git – but without the sharp edges.

Git is the Future
Numerous well-known companies and OpenSource projects like Ruby On Rails, jQuery, or the Linux Kernel rely on Git every day. Learn more about Git’s advantages.

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