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Move into your own Server space

Sunday, July 15th, 2012 by Servage

Do you want you own server? Do you need special software? Are you tired of performance problems? Are you just curious? Well, there are many good reasons to get an own virtual private server. The price is definitely also one of them! Consider this offer from Servage. It’s pretty much the same cost as a shared webhosting account!

  • RAM Memory: 256 MB
  • Traffic: 100 GB
  • Diskspace: 50 GB
  • Full root access
  • Power On/Off from CP
  • Backup (snapshots)
  • ACPI shutdown from CP
  • Console access from CP

Check out the plans.

Cloud Based Server Virtualization

The TotalCloud server virtualization offering is based on a modular setup where the servers are clustered in pairs. In these pairs, one server acts as the primary server or the live server whilst the second server acts as the secondary or the fail over server. The storage on each server consists of self-contained RAID volumes that are mirrored between the cluster members using block level replication. The virtualization platform is based on KVM. Some of the key benefits with this solution are listed below:

• Standardized solution with proven reliability

Energy efficient solution

• Maximized use of the servers hardware

• No performance degradation in case of failover due to uniform solution at both datacenters

• Fast I/O operations due to local storage

• Increased reliability and robustness due to local storage for images and local disks

• Instant replication between cluster members

• Minimal downtime on switchover to backup site

• Linear scalability due to modular design

• Supports a wide range of operating systems and hardware.

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