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Help your visitors with chats on your site

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 by Servage

Chat capabilities on websites can be implemented in various ways, and there are lots of different solutions available. The chat can be a powerful tool if implemented correctly and unobtrusive. HelpOnClick is trying to do that for you, so you can provide your website’s visitors with a superb experience. Providing the right support at the right time is the best marketing and sales action you can get.

HelpOnClick has a great feature set and is ready to be integrated on your hosting account. The developers say:

Live Chat – as easy as it gets
The advanced feature list doesn’t change the most important thing of all – simplicity of use. After many years of experience in the field we came up with the easiest to use user interface to allow you maximum control with minimum learning curve.

Copy & Paste installation
To install the live chat on your website, all you need to do is to copy a block of HTML code and paste it to your web pages. That’s it.
Get started in 5 minutes!

Chat widget
Our chat widget encourages the visitor to start a chat just by being there. It’s guaranteed to increase your chat volume and by that – increase your conversion rate.

Would you like to know where your visitors are coming from?
See which search terms your visitors used in order to get to your website and chat accordingly. Suggest relevant promotions by chat. Guaranteed to increase conversion rate!

Proactive chat invitations
Automatic and manual chat invitations are available with custom message for best experience for the visitor. Soft invite by the chat widget or hard invite by invitation window that covers the screen.

Who is on your websites right now?
Real time traffic monitor will show you exactly who is on your website, for how long, which pages they visited, their physical location, browser type and more.

Advanced Statistics
As the admin, you are in control. You know it all. We give you graphs of everything!

Manage multiple websites
Have more than one website? Not a problem. Permission levels for different websites are available to allow a complete separation. Use a different look and feel for each website.

Make it your own
Customize everything – themes, texts, pre-chat fields and much more!

Happy chatting :-)


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