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Optimize your landing pages

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 by Servage

Are you struggling with your conversions? Do you doubt the quality of your landing pages? Do you want to increase turnover and target conversions? Optimizing your landing pages can be a vital step in the right direction or to improve a working concept even further. There are many things you can and should do to create the best possible experience for your visitors on your website – hence improving the chance for success for you. This will get you even more from your hosting account.

LanderApp is a service which helps you build great landing pages, and even adds a whole lot of additional tools to make sure you made the right decisions. They describe their features:

Functional Layouts
Each online campaign is different. Lander offers different layouts for different campaign types, such as B2B or B2C, to drive conversions for specific online goals.

Easy-to-use Editor
Our intuitive drag and drop editor lets you design your own landing page without having to use html or CSS. Customize any of our existing layouts, or create one from scratch.

Lander Dashboard
See how your campaigns are doing: traffic, number of leads, conversion rate, split-tests, for a given time period. Compare performance before and after layout changes.

A/B Split Testing
Test up to three different versions of your landing page. Change text, images, layout, call-to-actions. Make real-time decisions based on real-time split-test feedback.

Conversions Form
Convert your visitors using our easy-to-use form building tool. Capture the information you need, from the minimum of information to as much data as you need.

Tool Integration
Expand your functionality: Lander lets you integrate any number of applications or analytical tools – just embed your tracking codes or java script.

Customized URLs
Increase SEO results and make your landing page look professional by giving it a customized URL Point any domain/sub-domain you own to your landing page to make it yours.

Knowledge Base
Have questions or do you just want landing page best practices? We give you the answers to your technical, billing, and marketing questions all in one place.


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