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Social monetization for website content

Friday, June 29th, 2012 by Servage

Its not easy to make money with website content. If you’re hosting a website, blog, or forum some of the traditional options are advertising trough networks or by selling own slots. Google AdSense tries to leverage the many content providers for this, while ad publishers such as Tradedoubler or ComissionJunction work with more individual agreements and targeting. Facebook strongly implements demographics for ad display, and we don’t even want to know what’s going on behind the scenes with data collections for advertising purposes…

If you want to make honest money from your content, say you have a blog with a few thousand visitors per day, then going with one of the major vendors is probably what you’re doing today. However, now crowd funding is coming to content as well!

Flattr is a brilliant concept which lets users contribute whatever they can and will to the community, and gives funds to those who create the content consumed by the users. Great and simple principle, really fair.

So, a user may say he wants to spend 10 Dollars per month. Every piece of content he likes, which has included the Flattr-button (similar to the Facebook Like-button), he will click the Flattr-button on. At the end of the month the users 10 Dollars are distributed among the content providers he flattered.

Take Flattr up both as a user and content provider. This concept can be a part of ensuring good and open content in the future, without expensive commercial subscriptions etc.


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