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Group sharing made simple

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 by Servage

There are a lot of file sharing apps and services available. Dropbox has started the movement by really creating a great app that syncs brilliantly across devices. Google is coming along with it’s cloud drive, and even Apple and Microsoft are entering the game. However, sometimes you don’t want to add a new file-sharing service just for a little sharing. What about a simple way of sharing some stuff, like holiday photos with friends, or recipes with the family?

Social networks like Facebook are already providing wast sharing capabilities, but they are really not so suitable for group sharing. Unless you understand and can use the privacy settings correct, or are ok with spending the time to create and administrate a page, group or whatever they currently call it ;-)

Glassboard tries to accommodate this need in a simple way, but providing an easy app which really makes this simple to do. They say “Glassboard is a private group sharing app. For iPhoneAndroid, and now on the web.”.  They really seem to care about users privacy while wanting to make this simple. Their concept is described like this:

Know who you’re sharing with
Share messages, photos, videos, and locations with different groups: family, friends, co-workers, classmates, volunteers, and more.

Share privately
Glassboard has no privacy settings — because everything is private. It’s that easy. And you never have to worry about the rules changing. Share pictures of your family with just your family. Share with co-workers — get things done knowing your messages are confidential.

Stay private
Unlike Google, Facebook, and Twitter, we don’t mine your data to sell advertising. We don’t do ads. You are our customer — not advertisers.

Maybe an easier alternative for ad-hoc sharing?

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