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Easily create and send quotes to your clients

Friday, June 22nd, 2012 by Servage

If you’re are busy web developer, or pretty much any other service provider, who has enough work to do with doing actual stuff for customers, then handling quotes and billing is really not the best use of your time. Lots of billing tools have emerged, making it easy to manage and send invoices. But what about the step before that? Most agencies are happy whenever they can send an invoice, but there is a lot of other work leading up to that point which also needs to be handled. I’m not talking about the project management here, but about the first initial draft of an offer sent to a customer, including a price, also know as a quote.

Quotes are the main resource for potential clients to figure out the market and choose a supplier. Therefore your quotes must be fast, easy to understand, accurate and reach the customer within a timely manner. Otherwise the potential customer will be very likely to choose someone else.

If you don’t want to spend tons of hours in this process by manually doing everything, then maybe Pricetag is something for you. It is a web app which specifically helps creating and sending quotes, to increase your conversion, turning quotes into invoices later on :-)

Pricetag is easy to get started and includes all the basic features you need. No clutter, simply start sending quotes in a more efficient fashion. The developers say: “Custom Quotes¬†Quick –¬†Take the guessing out of your quoting process. Pricetag makes it quick and easy to create accurate, customized quotes for your agency”

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