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Trying to solve the never ending problem of syncing contacts, calendars and tasks

Monday, June 18th, 2012 by Servage

10 years ago syncing data between your mobile and computer was a hassle which often involved sync conflicts, connection problems or even data loss. Today the major systems have cloud based solutions which work pretty great. For example Apple’s iCloud. Also Google and Microsoft are having proper solutions with ActiveSync, for example in conjunction with an Exchange server. However, while these services are working increasingly well on their own, it’s still a pain to be a user of multiple services and devices.

Fruux is trying to make this problem go away by simply going between your cloud services and devices. When switching to Fruxx, you can sync with almost any device from there on – thus eliminating some of the many problems. However, do you really want to introduce a new provider into your environment to get this done? It’s not a beautiful solution, but it can benefit you, and thereby save time and money, which you can use of your hosting or web development projects. Fruux takes customers serious and tries to provide a great product. They say:

Fruux is standards compliant
We’ve built fruux from the ground up on open source software, and open standards. This provides for high interoperability and guarantees that your data is always accessible. Right now we’re supporting CardDAV and CalDAV, but we plan to add additional protocols in the future.

Fruux is highly reliable
The fruux cloud is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS delivers a highly scalable infrastructure platform with high availability and dependability. Check the AWS case study about fruux for additional details.

Protect your data
All your personal data is transfered using HTTPS. This means that your data is always encrypted. Furthermore, we strive to implement the latest security practices such as the Content Security Policy. Making sure your data is secure outweighs creating new functionality.

Serious about privacy
We’re based in Germany, which is known for having one of the most rigid data protection laws. We believe in these laws, and stick to them. Without your consent we won’t give a third party access to your data. Check our Privacy policy for details.

Check it out. Maybe it’s better than what you use today :-)


Trying to solve the never ending problem of syncing contacts, calendars and tasks, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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