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Using social media to deliver real world products

Saturday, May 26th, 2012 by Servage

Social media is no longer new and it has already impacted our real lives with interacting media much closer, like the constant stream of shared stuff online, holiday photos, videos, articles, software, websites etc. However social media still hasn’t really hit mainstrain in terms of sending and buying real world items like physical goods. Of course it has already started, but there is much more potential than targetted advertisements and crowd apps.

If you can make your website or app be the link between peoples online and offline world, you have great opportunities, like in the beginning of online shopping.

Giftdish is a webapp allowing people to use the benefits of their social media networks to integrate with their real wordl lives and perform meaningful actions, while actually buying stuff, stimulating economy, production and doing something “real” like giving a present. The developers describe:

Send Great Gifts
Sing Happy Birthday. Upload a photo. Write a thoughtful note. Send an instant eGift Card. Give the gifts people really want. Make it personal.

Never Forget a Gift
Remembering the date is half the battle. Bookmark important events and let GiftDish take care of the rest.

Instant eGift Cards
Forget the digital candles. Send an eGift Card from a top retailer thats easily redeemed in-store or online.

Make it a Surprise
Send a gift anytime without ruining the surprise. We’ll notify your recipient and keep your gifts wrapped up until the special day.

Check it out here.

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