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Using emails as a knowledge base

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 by Servage

Every day tons of mails are filling mailboxes allround companies and customers computers. We generate so much email traffic, much of which is actually uncessary or duplicate content. Notifications, reminders, autoresponders, status updates, plus all the junk…

However, there is also qualioty content in emails. A lot of serious communication takes place via email. Sales, support, collaboration, questions, answers. It’s actually an incredible amount of information and knowledge which is stored in various emails around the globe, hidden away in mostly private mailboxes.

GrexIt tries to turn those terrabytes of content into a useful resource. Why spend time creating and maintaining FAQs, knowledge-bases, support+forums etc with questions and answers already taken care of in emails? The developers say:

“GrexIt helps your company create a shared, central repository from email conversations. Easy to search, browse and control access.”

Imagine all your emails, obviously filtered for any sensitive information, would be aggregated and made available in a meaningful mannor as an extrension of your support resources. Compared to today’s workflows the information is already generated in the current processes, so the major part of the work is already done. Now you can harvest it in a different way and gain huge benefits.

GrexIt has a good concept which could boost your customers’ support experience at a comparably small effort and cost. Maybe this is something for you?

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