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Getting information about visitors

Saturday, May 12th, 2012 by Servage

Gaining knowledge about the visitors of your website and feedback from them is key to proper targeting and making your content relevant to customers. UserReport is a convenient tool which helps you do that, so you can get the necessary information quickly and in a useful format, for a quick review of your visitors. The main features include:

  • Online Survey. Create online surveys with your own questions, colors and logo.
  • Feedback Forum. Get website feedback and ideas from your visitors – let users vote on and discuss ideas.
  • Social Click Map.  Who clicks where on your website? Click tracking and heat maps with demographic information.
  • Customization. Customize survey and feedback forum with the colors and logo of your brand.
  • Report sharing. Share your reports with anyone you like, and assign user roles.
  • Google Analytics Integration. Get demographic information on gender, age, education and much more in your Google Analytics reports.
  • User Satisfaction. Measure User Satisfaction on your website.
  • Demographics. Receive full demographic data (eg. gender, age) on your website’s users.
  • Compare Usability. Compare your website’s usability with other websites.
  • Advanced Reports. Build custom made PDF and PowerPoint reports to export or e-mail.
  • Newsletter signup. Get new signups for your newsletter through your online survey.
  • Geographic reports. Know where your visitors come from.

And more…

UserReport is currently free and used by many major companies. Check it out, it could improve your website.

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