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Editing text and code anywhere, anytime

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 by Servage

We previously talked about Dropbox a few times, and you are probably familir with it, or even a daily user. The power of dropbox comes not only with the cloud storage, but much more with the synchronization possibilities accross the various platforms. However, even though Dropbox is good for syncing, it doesn’t give you any tools for editing. This might even be a good thing, because then they can concentrate on their product, and let others develop editors. There are some big online editors available, but also some smaller ones.

TextDrop is a great example of such a little lightweight app, which only has one purpose: Making it easy for you to edit text based content in your Dropbox. It’s perfect for writers or developers on the go. The developers say:

TextDrop is the fastest way to edit text files in your Dropbox using a web browser. It’s meant to be used in situations where you don’t have Dropbox installed. Writers, artists, programmers, students and teachers all love it.”


– Add, edit and view files in your Dropbox

– Seamless integration with Dropbox

– Paid but cheap


TextDrop is a smart tool which surely can help you a lot. Obviously it doesn’t substitute your desktop coding environment, but it sure makes it easy to add a quick fix or a note to some file while on the go or on a public computer.


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