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Web app directories

Thursday, April 19th, 2012 by Servage

The amount of web apps available today is overwhelming. Finding a solution even just for simple tasks and problems can take hours of research because Google returns tons of results for anythuing you search for.

Having to choose between numerous possibilities when choosing an app is a good thing in general. Competition makes developers produce more features, and companies reduce prices. However, the flipside is that chosing becomes a serious time-consuming task, which sometimes really is annoying.


Check out Productive Web Apps or GetApp. They are directories of web apps including presentations and reviews, and could help you choose quicker and better.

Time is money

Sometimes it’s not about chosing the perfect solution, sometimes it’s just about getting any solution that can solve the problem. Remember that, when spending hours on research. Does it really help, or will you be just as happy with the first good solution you find? Obviousy you shouldn’t just chose the first app you come across due to laziness, but overdoing the research can lead to inefficiency by waste of time. So choose wisely, but remember your own time is also a scarce and valuable resource.

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