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Stop planning. Start living!

Saturday, April 14th, 2012 by Servage

The title of this post is the slogan for the web app UPlanMe, which is a web app that tries to improve your life by removing administration and planning, letting you enjoy life more by having more time for the fun stuff. Quality of life becomes increasingly important to humans, as they realize stress and striving after success comes at a high cost. Finding the right work-life balance is becoming a real decisive factor for professionals striving after success and happiness at the same time. UPlanMe tries to help you with this. They describe their features:

  • UPlanMe finds your favorite events, TV shows, sales & specials and lets you add them to your calendar in just one click.
  • No more scouring the web for ideas. UPlanMe is the first and last place you need to go to find events worthy of your calendar.
  • UPlanMe knows that your interests are probably different than your Uncle Stu’s. That’s why we deliver custom suggestions based on your specific tastes.
  • Already use Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar? Great! UPlanMe syncs seamlessly with your existing calendars.
  • Let your friends know about that sweet sample-sale, raging happy hour, or covert rock show you unlocked on UPlanMe.

Check it out, give it a try, maybe it improves your life too :-)

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