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Get rid of your file cabinet

Friday, March 16th, 2012 by Servage

Doxo is a service that is the first step to getting rid of the file cabinnet. It offers features to replace any step of paperwork processing and archiving. Now it just needs users to be willing to do so, because in some cases it unfortunately still is more convenient to maintain the old paperworld.

Doxio securely store your important documents in your digital file cabinet. Access them anywhere. Banish paper clutter.

Organize your accounts and folders. If it’s in your file cabinet, you can manage it on doxo. Simply add your accounts from the doxo directory or create folders to store important documents.

Put your documents in. Get them back out. It’s easy to get documents in and out of doxo. If you’re a power-user, check out doxo Desktop for bulk uploading and simple backup – all in one sweet little package.

Access anywhere. Whether you’re at work, home or on vacation, you can access your important documents from a computer or your iPhone.

Manage account info and notes. For each of your accounts, there’s a simple way to keep track of your account information in one place – from passwords and account details to notes and customer support numbers.

Connect to Select Providers. doxo is even better when your providers join. You can connect your file cabinet to select providers to receive and pay directly on doxo, as well as turn off paper mail.

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