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Screen settings API on Windows

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012 by Servage

Maybe this problem isn’t one you’re facing every day, or every. However, I’m always fascinated by interations between different IT systems and software, and the procedures are similar, regardless of use-case. API’s are the core behind any cooperation between systems.

While many modern web companies offer API-access to their products, it is also possible to interact with other systems. Remember to think about the usefulness of opening up your product or service to customers via such an interface.

Another funny related pice of software I stumbled upon resently, is a Windows app wich allows to reset screen resolution from the command line. By downloading the developers app “qres.exe” you can access it with different parameters, according to the documentation. To change resolution you can run the following code as a batch file, making it easy to switch between commonly used resolutions:

qres.exe /x 1024 /y 768
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