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Audio decoding with JavaScript

Sunday, January 15th, 2012 by Servage

Have you ever considered audio decoding in JavaScript? Maybe it’s not the first intended usage, but ofmlabs’ codecs are definitely interesting for relevant web projects. The developers describe their two plugins:

Web browsers are becoming more and more powerful, and new APIs like the Web Audio API and Audio Data API are making the web an ever more interesting and dynamic place. At ofmlabs we are invested in improving the state of audio on the web, and with JSMad showed that decoding audio purely in JavaScript is possible thanks to these APIs and the hard work of browser makers and spec authors. And now we’ve done it again. Introducing alac.js, a port of the recently open sourced Apple Lossless decoder to JavaScript. Now it is possible to play MP3 and Apple Lossless even in browsers without native support. Check out the side-by-side demos below to hear JavaScript rocking out!

JSMad – MP3 in JS
JSMad was the first proof that JS audio decoding is possible and is a port of libmad, a C based MPEG audio decoder. MP3 is probably the most common audio format out there. It is designed for small file sizes but compromises on quality.

ALAC.js – Apple Lossless in JS
ALAC.js is a port of the recently open sourced original Apple Lossless decoder to JavaScript. As its name implies, ALAC is a lossless format designed to reduce file size without compromising quality. Can you tell the difference?

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