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New music service iTunes Match temporarily closed

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 by Servage

Music web services are really becoming mainstream at the moment. With older players in the market for years, now most large ones, have caught up. Most recently Apple with it’s new music subscription. With the (late) launch of iTunes Match, Apple seemed to be having issues with the amount of new users from the start. PaidContent writes “Apple was overwhelmed in the first few hours the service was available, telling those who had downloaded iTunes 10.5.1 that ‘new iTunes Match subscriptions are temporarily unavailable’ and to check back later in the day.”

It’s always interesting to follow current web trends, and on-demand media consumption will definitely play an important role in the future. Those undertakings also show how complex and inefficient traditional distribution methods have been. Having licensing deals being the biggest problem for media providers, it seems that creating a media service with copyrighted content is a real challenge. I’m sure web services for audio and video will continue to become a larger part of our lives, raising the question for the position of regular TV and radio in the future. Users are moving towards a digitalized world of on-demand content, rendering the broadcast system obsolete.

Did you know that you can actually profit from these media suppliers on your website? If you’re having a forum, portal, or other type of larger website, try looking into the various affiliate programs available.

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