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HTML5 canvas code to remember

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 by Servage

Recently you could read about a HTML cheat sheet that is pretty neat to have. I now stumbled over another great one, specifically for the HTML canvas element. The author describes:

“My memory isn’t very good and I often find myself looking up simple things in various specs but sometimes they’re just too damn long-winded when you’re simply looking for argument x of function y. That’s where cheat sheets and reference cards come in handy with their compact, bare-bones information crammed into, at most, a few pages. There are cheat sheets for just about anything out there but I couldn’t find one for the HTML5 canvas element, so I decided to do something about that, mostly for my own sake but if other people find it useful that’s just all the better.

The information is pretty much just a copy of what is found in the WHATWG specs, just condensed and hopefully a bit easier to read. There are virtually no explanations, however, and no examples other than some graphics for compositing values and a few other things (the appearance of which is very much inspired by those found in Mozilla’s examples). So, it’s basically just a listing of the attributes and methods of the canvas element and the 2d drawing context.”

Download it here.

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