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Create an archive of your experiences

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 by Servage

How often have you thought about keeping a diary? Or maybe just a log of events, thoughts or ideas? Maybe on you last vacation you would have liked to note down your experiences? Or recent business ideas have been lost in the plethora of things floating around in your head? Keeping an archive of thoughts, ideas and experiences may be something for you then! is an easy way to create a searchable archive of your life. It helps your with the tasks mentioned above.

Some of the core use-cases are the following:

  • Journal. Realistically keep a journal, 280 characters only takes 2 minutes!
  • Travelling. You’re too busy having fun to write down every detail!
  • Business. Keep track of your business life.
  • Sport. Running a marathon? Track your progress.
  • Food Diary. Lose weight and track your weightloss.
  • Target Progress. Record progress of a large task.
  • Backwards To-Do List. What did you get done today?

The developer states that “280daily is quite possibly the future of consistent journaling and the easiest way to create a searchable archive of your life.┬áSecure, completely private, encrypted and safe.”

Regardless of use-case, there are many ways how consistent recording of any pieces of information can assist you. Remember the good times, or just make your work more efficient. Maybe its something for you?

You can also check out the demo video.

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