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Gain efficiency with TODOFeed task management

Sunday, September 4th, 2011 by Servage

Most people are continuously faced with the problem of task management. Some are using tools to assist them in the constant quest for optimized workflows, or to help them simply not forgetting things. One of the famous examples is the “Remember the Milk”-app, trying to help people sort and remember todos.

TODOFeed is an online todo-tool that helps you do exactly that: Remember things, getting things done, and most importantly: Collaborate around todos in groups. TODOFeed thereby proves a valuable tool for groups with various tasks to be done. It’s ideal for work groups, study groups, or any other group of people wanting to share the status of their common tasks.

It’s easy to get started with TODOFeed. You can create an account or login with Facebook, and you’re all set. After that you get access to the user interface, which is simple and intuitive – for high efficiency. I’m sure you’re busy, so the last thing you want, is more work, when managing your tasks.

The user panel gives you the possibility to create and manage events (or whatever you want to call the groups of tasks your are organizing), and add tasks to them. You thereby get a good overview of the upcoming tasks, so you can see what needs to get done quickly.

TODOFeed is one of those apps that simply does what it says, so I suggest you give it a try. I’m sure that a good group task management solution for your workflows could be a real improvement, both for business and private purposes.

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